Civics For All

Are You Civically Ready?

A student that is civically ready after graduating from our school will know their rights and responsibilities as a citizen and the connection they have to their community. They will have the necessary speaking and listening skills in order to collaborate with both their peers and community members to create positive change. They will be able to articulate their position on issues that they are advocating for.  Quality civic learning gives the students frequent opportunities to hone in on their speaking, listening, and collaboration skills in a safe and nurturing environment. It helps to bridge necessary connections to see how past events have shaped current events and gives students geographic knowledge to better comprehend the world. 

We want civics for all to be a means of engagement and empowerment for our school community and students. We want our students and community to fully understand the impact that each person can have in our society.  

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Civics for All at P.S. 247